Visitors – Law School

PayByPhone via app or phone is available to guests and visitors making their own parking arrangements on all UConn campuses.


PayByPhone Law School Campus parking locations

What is PayByPhone Parking and how can I use it?

Limited Meter Parking is also available

No overnight parking is allowed without the prior permission of UConn Parking Services

Event Parking

Event Coordinators of host University departments can arrange self-paid (paid by the attendee) or pre-paid (paid by the host department) PayByPhone parking in advance of their scheduled on-campus events. Departmental coordinators will typically email invited guests event parking information in advance.

Accessible Visitor Parking

State-issued handicap parking placards alone Do Not authorize parking on any of the surface parking lots exclusively reserved for UConn paid permit parking.  Visitors with state-issued handicap placards/plates may park within any of UConn's fee-paid parking spaces such as PayByPhone parking spaces.

Oversize Vehicle Parking

Those who plan to arrive on campus in a vehicle that exceed 8 feet in height or width, or 16 feet in length (with or without trailer) must arrange parking.
Oversize Vehicle Parking Request