Accessible Parking

UConn Parking Services is not authorized to issue state handicap parking placards.

Connecticut Residents may visit the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles website to learn more about the availability and privileges associated with Connecticut’s handicap parking placards.

State-issued handicap parking placards alone do not authorize the use of UConn’s permit-parking facilities.

UConn Employees:  UConn Employees with state-issued handicap placards/paperwork must present the placard/paperwork to Parking Services when applying for their University parking permits to qualify and receive a “Special/Accessible” parking permit.  ”Special/Accessible”  parking permits authorize parking within the permit-type area.

UConn Students:  UConn Students with Mobility Issues should contact the Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD) to certify their mobility issues.  CSD will work with UConn Parking Services for parking accommodations.

UConn Visitors:  State-issued handicap parking placards alone do not authorize parking on any of the surface parking lots exclusively reserved for UConn paid permit parking.  Visitors with state-issued handicap placards/plates may park within any of UConn’s fee-paid parking spaces such as mobile-payment (pay-by-phone) parking spaces.

On the Storrs campus, accessible spaces are also located within the North Garage and South Garage.

On the downtown Hartford campus, accessible parking accommodations are typically accommodated in the North Front Street where handicap parking spaces are located on Levels 1 (3 spaces), Level 2 (2 spaces), Level 3 (two spaces), Level 4 (five spaces), and Level 6 (2 spaces).  The central elevator bay provides accessible access to Front Street on Level 2.  The handicap parking spaces on Level 1 also include a van accessible parking stall and access to this level is available via elevator 24/7.  The doors from the Traveler’s Plaza that lead to the accessible parking stalls on Level 4 of the garage remain open until 10:00 PM; there are several steps and a door without a power assisted opener along this travel path.

On the Stamford Campus, handicap parking spaces are located in both the Bell Street Garage and Target Garage.   The accessible parking needs of most UConn affiliates are accommodated in the Target Street garage as the distance from that facility to the main campus building is comparatively shorter.  There are also several handicap parking spaces on Franklin Street.  While those spaces provide UConn parking permit holders with the closest accessible parking option to the main campus building, they are heavily used and their availability is therefore less predictable.

UConn provides a variety of accessible van and shuttle services on the Storrs Campus. Information regarding those services can be found on the university’s Accessibility website or by calling (860) 486-4991.

Visitors with state-issued handicap placards/plates may park at no-charge in any metered parking location.