Citation Appeals

Appeal Your Parking Citation Online

Parking citations (tickets) must be paid or appealed within fourteen (14) calendar days of their issuance.

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A decision will be sent to the email address specified on the submitted appeal form within 2-3 weeks of its receipt by Parking Services.

You may appeal a citation if a valid explanation is provided, first review the UConn Parking Rules and Regulations as well as the list of invalid reasons below.

The following are not valid reasons for an appeal

  • Failure to observe posted signage or line markings.
  • Lacking a valid parking permit by a student or employee.
  • Lack of knowledge of the University Parking Rules and Regulations, including permit restrictions and visitor and guest parking requirements.
  • Lack of acknowledgement that University Parking Rules and Regulations are enforced throughout the entire calendar year – 24/7/365 enforcement includes breaks, holidays, intersession, etc.
  • Tardiness to class, an exam, meetings, work or other appointments.
  • Inability to pay ticket fines or permit costs.
  • Inability to find a permitted parking space.
  • Failure to use a designated load zone to pick-up / deliver or load / unload.
  • Someone other than a Parking Services employee provided instructions to park.
  • Operation of the vehicle by another person.
  • Unauthorized parking in accessibility spaces/hash marks, grass/landscape, sidewalk or any other unmarked area.
  • Failure of enforcement officers to ticket for similar offenses.
  • Failure to obtain short-term authorization for a legitimate vehicle malfunction.
  • Inclement weather.
  • Fire lane and fire hydrant citations.
  • Using a fraudulent permit or other fraud-related activities.

    Written Appeals

    Parking citations (tickets) must be appealed within fourteen (14) calendar days of their issuance.

    • Printable forms are available for download as a PDF Form or as a Microsoft Word Document
    • Completed forms may be submitted by:
      • email attachment sent to
      • U.S. Postal mail sent to Parking Services, 25 LeDoyt Road, Unit 3199, Storrs, CT 06269-3199.
    • A decision letter will be emailed or mailed to the email/address specified on the submitted appeal form within three weeks of its receipt by Parking Services.

    Parking Citation Appeal – Process Information

    Parking citation appeals that are “upheld” result in the elimination of all of its associated fees; no payment is due and no further action by the appellant is needed.  Parking citation appeals that are “denied” result in the required payment of fines associated with the citation.  An additional late fee will be assessed when citation fees remain unpaid for more than 14 calendar days past the date of the appellate decision letter.

    Verbal appeals of denied appellate decisions can be initiated when the appellant is able to provide the Parking Citation Appeals Hearing Officer with confirmed and compelling facts surrounding the issuance of the parking citation that were excluded from the initially submitted Parking Citation Appeal Form.  The Parking Citation Hearing Officer will schedule a verbal appeal with the appellant when these criteria are met.  The Parking Citation Hearing Officer is authorized assess the presented facts which surround the appealed parking citation and will determine whether or not there is are sufficient grounds to uphold the verbal appeal.