Contractors, Vendors, & Service Provider Parking

Contractors, Vendors, and Service Providers are businesses contracted by the University to complete work on one or more of its campuses. These University-contracted providers may apply for permits that authorize parking on University property.  All contractor or personal vehicles that are parked on University property must obtain and conspicuously display any parking permit issued by UConn Parking Services.

The UConn Project Manager / Coordinator (identified by the applicant on the permit application form) will be contacted to confirm the provider’s University affiliation and the demonstrable need for Vendor or Service permit parking.

The Parking Services Office is now cashless and is no longer accepting cash as a form of payment. Other forms of payment such as Debit/Credit Cards will remain the same. Parking Permits can be paid in person at the Parking Services Office, located at 25 LeDoyt Road, Storrs, CT 06269-3199. Citations can be paid in person at the Parking Services Office or through the online Parking Portal.

Permits Available

Three (3) primary parking permit types are available for purchase by University contracted businesses.  Most permits are now virtual so no physical permit is required.  If a physical permit is issued, it must be properly displayed in the vehicle.  
  •  “Multi-Area” permits authorize parking within designated “Area 1” and “Area 2” employee parking spaces on the Storrs campus AND on all of the University’s Regional campuses.
    • Rates: $74.45 per month or $521.12 annually
  • Service” permits authorize parking within designated “Service” AND “Vendor” spaces and may be used both at Storrs and all Regional campuses.
    • Rates: $85.08 per month or $624.27 annually
  • “Day Permits” – Storrs Campus only – Vendors and service providers who park on the University’s Storrs campus infrequently may request day parking permits.  Day Permits for vendors and service providers are valid only on the Storrs campus and must be purchased in person at the Parking Services office; see the bottom of this page for address and office hours. Day Permits are available for advanced purchase and payable by check or credit/debit card.

Those wanting to purchase one or more of the above-mentioned permits should use this Vendor & Service Provider Permit Application Form

PayByPhone Vendor Vehicle Parking

Vendors and service providers who occasionally park on one of the University’s campuses while completing their contracted work, may pay for their parking sessions using their mobile phone when they arrive at campus and park within a designated space.

The typical parking rate in posted PayByPhone is $2/hour.  The PayByPhone app is free but you do need to sign up for the service.  You will need to provide the license plate number(s) of your vehicle(s) and credit card information during the PayByPhone sign-up process.


PayByPhone Storrs Campus parking locations

What is PayByPhone Parking and how can I use it?

General Information

Parking permits are issued for a fixed term and any associated fees must be paid at the time of permit issuance.

Permits may be physical or virtual.

Additional information about vendors and service provider parking is contained within the University’s Contractor Parking Policy.  A few of its general provisions are provided below for your reference:

  • Parking permits and their associated parking privileges are specifically issued either to an individual worker or a contractor.  Although those parking privileges are for the assigned holder, there are cases when multiple vehicles belonging to related parties may be covered by the permit.
  • Any vehicle that does not display a valid parking permit or whose registration is unassociated with a virtual University parking permit will be subject to ticketing and/or towing at the vehicle owner’s expense.  Egregious or repeated parking policy violations can also lead to the suspension, withdrawal or withholding of parking permits and privileges at the University’s sole discretion.
  • Parking by contractors or workers at the North Garage or South Garage, or overnight parking of personal or contractor vehicles on University property is prohibited unless previously approved in writing by UConn Parking Services.
Vendor and Service provider parking on the Health Center campus may be arranged by calling (860) 679-4248.