Graduate Assistants – Hartford Campus

Graduate Assistant parking for the Downtown Hartford campus is available in the CT Convention Center Garage (400 spaces), CT Science Center Garage (100 spaces), and Front Street North Garage (65 spaces).

Access to the Convention Center and Science Center garages will be provided at the GA Area 2 permit rate.

Purchase Parking Permits

After purchasing a permit, please go to the office located in the Convention Center Garage with the following documents:

  • UConn ID
  • Payment confirmation emails
  • Receipt of purchase
  • Completed Vehicle Registration Form.
  • Make sure your license plate is correct on the form. License Plate Recognition (LPR) is used at the entry to the garages. 

Upon Entrance and Exit

  • Slowly drive up to the lane
  • LPR system will read, process, and acknowledge the license plate
  • Gate will open upon entrance and exit

As a backup to your LPR, you can use one or both of the following (notify Propark office of choice):

  • Download the free Mobile Access app and sign up with the mobile number associated with your parking permit
  • Have a transponder decal installed at the office to scan upon entrance and exit
    CT Convention Center Garage: Designated Parking Areas
    Sections "A" & "C"

    Level 2

    All employees who hold UConn parking permits.
    Section E Levels 1 -8 All students who hold UConn parking permits.

    All employees who hold UConn parking permits.

    Parking within all three downtown garages will be provided to UConn permit holders between the hours 6:00 AM and 10:00 PM, Monday through Saturday.  Permit (transponder decal/"key card") holders with early work shifts may enter their assigned downtown parking garage as early as 5:30 AM, which will allow them to arrive to their workstations on time. The roller gate at the CT Science Center Garage entrance lowers at 5:00 PM, but those with transponder decals will still be able to enter the facility.

    The Parking office in the:

        • CT Convention Center Garage is staffed Monday through Sunday between the hours of 6:00 AM and 12:00 AM.
        • CT Science Center Garage is staffed Monday through Friday between the hours of 6:00 AM and 12:00 AM.
        • North Front Street Garage is staffed Monday through Friday between the hours of 6:00 AM and 8:00 PM.
        • South Front Street Garage is staffed Monday through Friday between the hours of 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM

      Parking on Other Campuses

      Hartford GA parking permits also authorize parking in the following locations:

      • Area 2/Commuter parking permits also authorize parking in the following locations:
        • Area 2 and commuter parking spaces on all University campuses.
        • Area 3 lots and posted “Any Paid” permit parking areas, including those on the Health Center campus.
        • Area 2/Commuter permit holders who are visiting the Stamford campus are able to park at the 1194 Washington Blvd surface lot.
        • Area 2/Commuter permit holders who are visiting the Waterbury campus are able to park on the first level of the Waterbury Garage.

        Area 2/Commuter parking permits do NOT authorize:

        • Area 1 parking spaces on the Health Center campus
        • Load Zones unless specifically authorized by posted signage
        • Reserved and restricted spaces
        • student resident parking areas: use of student parking areas during academic breaks is typically authorized on the Storrs campus due to the reduced demand.
        • the Scovill Municipal Garage in Waterbury
        • the Storrs campus garages
        • time-limited or metered spaces

        GA Permit Holders Visiting the Hartford Campus

        UConn faculty and staff who purchase parking permits (EXCEPT Area 3) to authorize parking on the Storrs or Regional campuses will be able to be validated at 100% in the CT Convention Center Garage. To validate, please  follow these instructions:

            1. Take a ticket from the dispenser as you enter the CT Convention Center Garage.
            2. Go to the parking office (in the same parking garage) before departing.
            3. Write either your NetID or PeopleSoft number on the garage ticket and sign it.
            4. Present the garage ticket along with your UConn ID to the parking office attendant
            5. Using a web application, the parking attendant will confirm that you hold an active UConn parking permit.
            6. Once your UConn parking permit status is confirmed, the parking attendant will validate your garage ticket using a special device.
            7. The attendant then returns the validated ticket to you.
            8. Insert the validated ticket into the parking gate equipment upon exiting the garage.
            9. The garage gate will lift and no parking fee payment will be required.
        • Area 3 parking permits do NOT authorize parking in any of the Hartford Garages. Area 3 permit holders need to take a ticket upon entry and pay a reduced hourly rate. To obtain the hourly rate follow the above instructions for validation.

          General Information, Rules and Regulations


          Permit holders can use a transponder decal as a back-up to the LPR system to access their assigned downtown parking facility.  A transponder decal may only be used by the individual to whom it is issued.  The Transponder decals will be physically ‘installed’ by garage parking personnel to ensure that they are properly placed and remain in good working order.

          If you will drive more than one vehicle to campus, an additional Transponder decal may be requested by visiting the parking office located within your assigned downtown parking facility.  A transponder decal will be ‘installed in the additional vehicle by garage parking personnel for a $20 fee.  A similar $20/fee will be charged to replace any previously installed Transponder decal.  The $20 fees associated with acquiring either an 'additional' or 'replacement' transponder decal are payable to the garage parking operator at the time they are installed.

          When Transponder decal holders drive a 'replacement' vehicle to campus (such as when their primary vehicle is being repaired), they should take a garage parking 'ticket' when entering their assigned facility and then bring that ticket with them to the parking office located in that facility before exiting the garage; they will receive a 100% discount off their daily parking fee.

          The parking access provided by Transponder decals can be extended across semester periods; they do NOT need to be replaced each semester.


          The maximum clearance heights of the Downtown Hartford parking facilities are:

              • Convention Center Garage* = 7'6"
                * an outside surface lot for over-sized vehicles is available
              • Science Center Garage = 7'0"
              • North Front Street Garage = 6'6"

          General Rules
          The following general rules should be followed in all three parking facilities at the Hartford campus location:

              • Don't leave your vehicle unlocked.
              • Don't leave valuables in your vehicle.
              • Don't leave your vehicle parked overnight in the garage unless you have received written permission from UConn Parking services; the needed arrangements will be finalized with the garage parking office on your behalf.
                • If a sudden emergency requires you to leave your vehicle parked overnight, contact the parking office in the garage in which your vehicle is parked to make the needed arrangements:
                  • Convention Center Garage: 860-728-2598
                  • North Front Street Garage: 860-524-8622
                  • Science Center Garage: 860-987-6512
              • Use trash receptacles that are available on all floors and by each elevator; don't litter.
              • Only those displaying valid state-issued "handicap" placards or registration plates can legally use spaces designated for "Handicap" parking.
              • Only plug-in vehicles are authorized to use spaces associated with Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations.
              • Park in only one vehicle parking space (between stall lines) and not across two or more parking spaces.

          Violations & Loss of Parking Privileges

          The speed limit in the CT Convention Center garage, the CT Science Center Garage, and the North Front Street garage is 7 MPH.  Patrons of these parking facilities include children and the elderly: DO NOT SPEED.  Those who speed, fail to obey traffic or regulatory signs posted in these facilities, or park in any areas other than Sections "A" or "C" (Level 1) while in the CT Convention Center garage will be warned upon their first and second offenses.  Upon the third offense, the vehicle involved in the violation may be towed.  Upon the fourth offense, the transponder decal associated with the vehicle involved in the violation may be expired and the parking contract with its holder may be terminated.

          Vehicles will be deemed abandoned when it is parked within a Downtown Hartford garage more than one (1) week without being used and without notice to the Capital Region Development Authority or its garage operator and may be towed from the facility.