Substitute Vehicles: Temporary Permits

When circumstances require University permit holders to drive to campus using a replacement vehicle, other than the one(s) associated with their University parking permits, a Substitute Vehicle Permit must be displayed.

Each Substitute Vehicle Permit can remain valid for a  maximum of fourteen (14) calendar days.

You will be issued a printable permit immediately following the submission of your Substitute Vehicle Permit request form.  That permit will be sent to your University email account via a file attachment (.pdf file) and will be valid for two days.

A Substitute Vehicle Permit request that requires the permit to be valid for multiple days will be processed the business day following its submission.  If approved, multi-day Substitute Vehicle Permit requests will be authorized and sent to your University email account via a file attachment (.pdf file). The substitute vehicle permit temporarily replaces your primary permit and extends the exact same parking privileges. You must park in your regularly assigned locations.

The Substitute Vehicle Pass must be displayed face up with its expiration date visible and on the passenger's side of the dashboard to be valid.  Appeals of parking citations issued to substitute vehicles in which a Substitute Vehicle Permit is not properly displayed will be denied.

Substitute Vehicle Request Form

Substitute Vehicle Permit Types

  • Alternate Vehicle Permit
    When unexpected circumstances require a University permit holder to drive to campus using a temporary replacement vehicle,  a Substitute Vehicle Permit must be displayed.  A maximum of twenty-one (21) days of Alternate Vehicle Permit use will be provided to any  University permit holder, at no charge, each year (September – August).  The Alternate Vehicle Permit type extends the holder's current parking permit-type privileges to the substitute vehicle and therefore must be parked in the same areas as authorized by the primary permit type.
  • Ride-Alone Permit
    Carpool Permit holders may request and receive at no-charge a maximum of two (2) Ride-Alone Permits per semester.  The Ride-Alone Permit type authorizes a University carpool member to drive a personal vehicle to campus unaccompanied by their fellow carpool members.  The personal vehicle driven can be otherwise unassociated with the University carpool permit typically used by the Ride-Alone Permit requestor.  Ride-Alone Permits authorize parking in the same parking location(s) as  associated with the requestor's carpool permit. Garage permit carpool members will receive a Ride-Alone Permit which allows them to park in a commuter lot for the day.

Downtown Hartford Campus

  • Transponder Decal Holders
    When Transponder decal holders drive a 'replacement' vehicle to campus, they should take a garage parking 'ticket' when entering their assigned facility and then bring that ticket with them to the Propark parking office located in that facility immediately before exiting the garage; they will receive a 100% discount of their daily parking fee.
  • Commuter 1-Day Permit
    Those who typically use alternate or public transportation to commute to work may request, and receive at no-charge, a maximum of five (5) Commuter One-day Permits per semester.  Commuter 1-day Permit type authorizes the use of Area 2 parking locations only on the day stipulated on the Substitute Vehicle Permit.  Please check the following box if you are an alternate/public transit commuter requesting a Commuter 1-day Permit.

If a permit holder will need to use a Substitute Vehicle Pass for longer than its fourteen day maximal period, the specific accommodation request should be sent to the Parking Services staff via email to