Parking Citation (Ticket) Payments


Parking tickets may be paid online.

You will  need the parking ticket number or your vehicle’s license plate number to process your payment.

Parking tickets may also be paid:

  • in person at Parking Services (3 Discovery Drive, Storrs, CT 06269-6199) using cash, check, money order, credit/debit card and Husky Bucks.
  • by mail sent to Parking Services (3 Discovery Drive, Storrs, CT 06269-6199) using bank or personal checks or money orders.
  • Large amounts of loose coins will not be accepted as payment unless bank-rolled.

Avoid late fees and additional charges by paying citation fines within 14 calendar days of issuance.


Unpaid Parking Citation Fee Information

Unpaid Tickets
  •  UConn Student parking ticket fines will be posted to the student's Bursar’s  account if unpaid after 14 days of issuance.
  • The annual UConn parking permits of Regular Payroll employees will not be "renewed" until all their outstanding parking citation fees are paid.
  •  Registered Owners of the cited vehicle, who are not UConn Students, will be billed for the parking ticket fine and any related fees.
  •  All late and service fees will be assessed accordingly.

Parking Citation Appeals

Online Appeals

Parking citations (tickets) must be appealed within fourteen (14) calendar days of their issuance.

Written Appeals

Parking citations (tickets) must be appealed within fourteen (14) calendar days of their issuance.

  • Printable forms are available for download as a PDF Form or as a Microsoft Word Document
  • Completed forms may be submitted by:
    • email attachment sent to
    • U.S. Postal mail sent to Parking Services, 3 Discovery Drive, Storrs, CT 06269-6199.
  • A decision letter will be mailed to the address specified on the submitted appeal form within three weeks of its receipt by Parking Services.

Parking Violations, Fines, and Fees (Table)

Violation Type
Fine Amount
33 Expired Meter  $25.00
34 Improper Display of Permit/Decal  $25.00
40 Violation of Posted Sign  $30.00
41 Load Zone Violation  $30.00
42 Double Parked/More Than One Space  $30.00
43 In Service Roads  $30.00
44 No University Permit/Decal  $30.00
45 Other  $30.00
46 No Parking Area  $30.00
47 Out of Marked Space  $30.00
48 In or Blocking Lot Aisle/Entrance  $30.00
49 In an Unassigned Area  $30.00
50 On a Sidewalk, Lawn, Unpaved Area  $50.00
51 Using a Forged, Altered, Spurious Decal  $50.00
52 In a Bus Stop $50.00
53 In a Reserved Space $50.00
54 Blocking Entrance/Exit to Building $50.00
55 In a Fire Lane $50.00
57 Within 10 Feet of a Fire Hydrant $50.00
58 Parking Permit Revoked $50.00
21 Winter Storm Parking Violation $50.00 
70 In a Handicap Space  $150.00
71 Misuse of Handicap Permit  $150.00
Administrative Fees
Late Payment of Parking Citations $5.00

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