Parking Services – Open-Door Business Resumes

The Parking Services resumed its open-door 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM, weekday business hours on Monday, June 7, 2021.

While customers may come to the office to conduct business, pre-scheduled appointments are still encouraged.

Booking your appointment, ensures you arrive with all needed materials and for our staff to expedite your transaction.

The University still requires fully vaccinated customers to wear face coving inside its buildings.

Employee Parking Permit Sales Information – Update

This year, Spring semester employee permits will remain valid through Friday, July 30, 2021.

2021-2022 employee permits will be available for purchase in mid-July.

New University employees and those returning to campus who need a new 2020/21 permit now; please use this online form to initiate your purchase.

If you are not parking on-campus immediately, we encourage you to wait to purchase a 2021-2022 permit when they become available in July.

The details surrounding the sale of 2021-2022 permits will be announced in the coming days.

5/17 – North & South Garages: Level Closures

On the Storrs campus, the two upper levels of the North and South Garages will close on Monday, May 17.

The two parking lots will remain closed this summer for maintenance and repairs.

The fifth-floor South Garage entrance will also be closed to allow repairs to the access ramp.

The main Jim Calhoun Way entrance to the South Garage will remain open.

Delivery access to the Barnes and Noble loading dock will be maintained.

5/17 – Lot Y and Lot Z, CLOSED

Lot Y (Premium Commuter Student) and Lot Z (Faculty and Staff) parking areas, located beside the South Garage and behind McMahon Hall, will close on Monday, May 17.

The two parking lots will remain closed this summer for reconstruction.

The lots are expected to reopen on or about Friday, August 13.

The fifth-floor South Garage entrance will also remain closed during the construction project.

The main Jim Calhoun Way entrance to the South Garage will remain open.

Delivery access to the Barnes and Noble loading dock will also be maintained throughout the construction period.

Alternate parking is available to students and employees on Lot D; student parking locations are available to both groups during the summer.

Some Area 2 employee permit holders might find parking on Lot S in South Campus more convenient during the construction period.

Hillside Road Partially Closed Until August 2021

A portion of Hillside Road and its intersection with Alumni Drive will be closed to traffic and pedestrians starting on Monday, Feb. 1 and running through early August (map).  The closure is due to the extensive underground utility infrastructure work that has to be built in support of the construction of the new Northwest Science Quad in the area that was previously surface parking lots.

The closure of Hillside Road is happening at this time to take advantage of the de-densified campus population of students, faculty and staff during the spring 2021 semester due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The primary effect of this closure is that Hillside Road will not serve as a main thoroughfare through campus during this time.

Parking will still be available in the North Garage with access on Hillside Road before the point of closure. The sidewalk east of the north garage will be opened effective February 8, 2021 permitting pedestrian traffic to flow to and from the north/northwest dorms.

Vehicle access to Alumni Drive for such facilities, such as the Alumni House, the Werth Residence Tower, the Hilltop Residence Towers, Garrigus Suites, and the Hilltop Apartments, will be from Jim Calhoun Drive. Traffic headed north on Alumni Drive will be stopped at the parking lot for the Alumni House.

1/04 – Student Parking Permit Sales Begin

Spring 2021 student parking permit sales will start at 9:00 AM on Monday, January 4, 2021.

As in the past, all permit types will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

The 54-credit requirement has been suspended for the Spring 2021 semester ONLY.

Resident students with fewer than 54 credits are, therefore, eligible to purchase a Spring 2021 permit.

Commuter student permits will be mailed to the address provided by the student during the online application process.

Resident permits will be delivered to on-campus student mailrooms, which are expected to open on Monday, February 1.

All parking rules and regulations are in effect and will be enforced.

All permit holders should park in their assigned parking areas and display their permit purchase receipt on the dashboard until they receive their physical parking decals.

“Intersession” Parking: Storrs Campus: Garage Hours

During the extended 2020/21 Intersession parking period, UConn permits or payment of hourly fees will be required to park in the North and South garages on the Storrs campus between 7:00 AM and 8:00 PM weekdays. Outside of those hours, no-charge parking will be available in those parking facilities during the period Sunday, November 22, 2020 – Friday, January 15, 2021.

Student parking permits vailid for the November 22nd – January 15th period can be arranged online for either the Storrs or Regional campuses.

  • Permits are free of charge
  • Permits are valid through January 15, 2021
  • Storrs permits must be picked up at Parking Services
    • You will receive an email when the permit is ready for pickup
    • Please make an appointment to pick up your permit

On the Storrs campus…

  • Commuters: Permits will authorize parking on Lot Y and the “lower” (easternmost) section of Lot F map
  • Dorm Residents: Permits will authorize parking on Lot D, Lot T, and Lot W (near Husky Village) map
  • UConn Apartment Residents: Permits will authorize parking at the assigned apartment complex only.

On the Regional campuses…

  • Permits are free of charge
  • Permit authorizes parking in Commuter student parking locations
  • Permits are valid through January 15, 2021
  • You will receive an email when the permit has been mailed

CT Convention Center Garage – Test Site Information

Hartford HealthCare announced that the Hartford Hospital drive-through COVID test site would relocate to the CT Convention Center Garage on Monday, November 9th. The test site will be located within Section E of the garage, which will remain closed to public parking. Vehicles will enter the test site by way of Ramp 5, which is identified as “R-5” (see map).

The test site and traffic to it will be entirely separate from regular parking garage operations; there will be no overlap or increased risk of exposure to those who regularly park in the CT Convention Center garage.

As a result, UConn Hartford students with CT Convention Center parking permits, who were previously required to park within Section E, are authorized to park within that facility’s other sectons.

10/30 – Winter Lot Closures: C, J, K, and W (main section)

On Friday, October 30, the following student parking locations will close for the winter season:

Parking Facility Location Comment
Lot C Avalona Way (south of tennis courts) Commuter Student Parking
Lot J Discovery Drive (north of Innovation Partnership Building) Resident Student Parking
Lot K Discovery Drive (north of Charter Oak Apartments) Unassigned
Lot W Tower Road (north of Husky Village) Main section only (north of the bus shelters); the smaller section immediately to the north of Husky Village will remain available to UConn parking permit holders of all types.