Author: Atherton, Dwight

Hillside Road: Section Closure

As previously announced in UConn Today, Hillside Road is closed to through traffic between its intersection with Gilbert Road and Glenbrook Road.

For those less familiar with the Storrs campus, the closure affects the section of Hillside Road adjacent to the Gampel Pavillion, Student Union, and Greer Field House.

The restricted portion of Hillside will remain open to Emergency, limited Service, and Transit vehicles only.

This Hillside Road sectional closure is expected to significantly improve public safety in this high pedestrian volume area by reducing vehicular conflicts.

Hillside Road drivers will be directed to use Alumni Drive to avoid the restricted area.



Storrs Gateless Garages

As previously announced in UConnToday, gateless garage parking operations began on the Storrs campus on Monday, August 15.

Daily parking in the garages is now paid using one of two mobile parking applications: PayByPhone (Apple Store | Google Play) and Flowbird (Apple Store | Google Play).

Many readers are likely familiar with PayByPhone as it has been used for surface lot parking on the Storrs and the Regional campuses (excluding Hartford) since 2015.

The Storrs hourly rate structure in the Storrs garages is $2/hour for hours 1—3 and $1.50 for each following hour, with a maximum rate of $30 for 24 hours.

The PayByPhone rates in surface lots are $2/hour, with a maximum daily rate of $12 in Storrs and $6 on the Regional campuses.

How do I travel through a roundabout?

The following are general instructions for navigating the University’s new roundabout on Hillside Road in Storrs:


  • Slow down when approaching the roundabout
    • Obey all signs and posted speed limits
    • Yield to all pedestrians within the crosswalk
    • Look left and yield to traffic in the roundabout before entering
  • Enter the roundabout only when there is a safe gap in traffic to do so
    • Traffic within the roundabout has the right-of-way
    • Do not stop in the roundabout to allow other traffic to enter
  • Exit the roundabout slowly to Alumni Drive, Hillside Road or the North Garage
    • Yield to all pedestrians in the crosswalk

Pedestrians may only enter the roundabout using designated crosswalks; they must never cross traffic lanes to the roundabout’s center island.

Experienced bicyclists may ride within the roundabout and share traffic lanes with motorists; they must yield to all pedestrians.

Less experienced bicyclists may dismount their bicycles, walk on the sidewalks and use the crosswalks as pedestrians.

If you are in the roundabout when an emergency vehicle approaches, proceed to your intended exit and pull-off to the right so the vehicle may pass safely.