Bicycle Enforcement, Parking & Use on Campus

All those who operate bicycles on the grounds of UConn are subject to the following regulations, which are enforced through the combined and cooperative efforts of Parking Services, Transportation Services, and Public Safety.

  • Bicyclists should travel as near to the right side of the bikeway as is safe, except when turning or while overtaking and passing another user proceeding in the same direction.  Every bicyclist should exercise due care and caution to avoid colliding with any other bikeway user traveling by any mode. Bicyclists must travel in a consistent and predictable manner and not more than two abreast.
  • No group of bikeway users should span more than half the bikeway, measured from the right side, so as to impede the normal and reasonable movement of other users.
  • Bicyclists should give a clearly audible warning – such as that provided by voice, bell, horn or whistle — before executing a passing maneuver by another person, pedestrian, or bicyclist.
  • Bicyclists entering or crossing the bikeway at uncontrolled points must yield to traffic on the bikeway.
  • Bicycles are prohibited against traveling on any University bikeway at unreasonably high speeds. Bicycles must operate their bicycles at a speed and with the control required to avoid collisions with others using reasonable care.
  • Bicycles operated on campus after sunset and before sunrise must have a headlight visible from 500 feet to the front and a red or amber light visible from 500 feet to the rear. Other bikeway users should have white lights visible from 250 feet.
  • Every bicyclist traveling on UConn property must obey official traffic control signs and devices placed in accordance with applicable laws or regulations unless otherwise directed by a police officer.
  • Any person who violates these regulations will be responsible for the costs and fees associated with that violation.

Bicycle Parking


Bicyclists should always secure their parked bicycles to UConn bicycle racks whenever they are parked on University property.

Bicycles must not be parked:

  • against or secured to:
    • hand- or stair-railings
    • public safety equipment
    • signs and sign posts
    • street furniture and hardscape
    • trees and plantings
  • along or in a manner that encumbers handicap accessible paths or ramps
  • in a manner that blocks or encumbers any emergency exit or established travel path
  • within landscaping

A bicycle parked or operated in violation of these regulations may be impounded.  UConn will not compensate the owner of the bicycle for the cost of any lock (or other security device) that is cut or otherwise damaged during the impoundment process.  Proof of ownership is required before UConn will release an impounded bicycle to a claimant.

Those who operate bicycles on the UConn Storrs campus should also familiarize themselves with the bikeway use ordinances of the Town of Mansfield.

Bicycle Impound Process

Bicycles parked in violation of University policy may be impounded. All impounded bicycles will be stored at a Parking Services facility until claimed by the owner or disposed of by the University.  Parking Services is authorized to enforce its policies on all University-owned property.

The following guidelines will be followed when UConn impounds a bicycle.

  1. Bicycles parked in ways that violate University policies, rules, or regulations and present a public safety hazard as defined by Parking Services will be tagged and removed immediately.
  2. Bicycles deemed abandoned by Parking Services will be tagged and removed after seventy-two (72) hours. The Removal Notice will contain the following information: the date upon which the bicycle was tagged, the nature of the violation, and the date Parking Services will remove the bicycle. Bicycles are considered abandoned when they are locked to University property in an apparently inoperable or dilapidated condition where they have remained for longer than two weeks.
  3. Parking Services staff will take the following actions while impounding a bicycle:
    • take pictures of the bicycle to document its condition before its relocation
    • if a bicycle/vehicle is secured by a lock when impounded, the lock will be kept with the bicycle/vehicle in the University’s impoundment area.
    • produce a written record of
      • the time/date the vehicle was first tagged
      • the time/date/location of the vehicle at the time it was impounded
      • the make/model/color and serial number of the bicycle
      • notation of distinguishing marks that may help in the identification of the bicycle’s owner
  1. All bicycles removed by Parking Services will be moved to the University’s bicycle impound area, where they will be kept for up to forty-five (45) days.
  2. Forty-five (45) days after impound, the bicycle becomes UConn property and may be disposed of by the University.
  3. Parking Services will regularly inform the UConn community of the number of bicycles it impounds, donates, and recycles via its website.