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Storrs Campus – Employee Parking Information for 2017/18

The following matters might affect your on-campus 2017-2018 parking experiences and potentially your parking permit selections.

Construction of the Fine Arts Production Facility is scheduled to begin in July, 2017. A construction zone needed to complete that project be established.  As a result, the parking capacity of the Fine Arts Lot (Lot 1) will be reduced by approximately 100 spaces.  Parking on Coventry Road, which runs between the Fine Arts (Lot 1) and S-Lot, will also be eliminated.   North and South Garage parking permits will not be valid on these lots during the 2017/18 permit year.  These conditions will continue throughout the construction period.

Additional Area 2 permit parking capacity will be established on the Nathan Hale lot.

The Thomas J. Dodd Research Center Lot is scheduled to close in May 2017.  That lot is expected to remain closed until the Student Recreation Center opens.

The Whitney Road Extension is scheduled to close in May 2017 remain closed until the Recreation Center opens.

The western end of Whitney Road will be redesigned to accommodate service deliveries and parking for those with mobility limitations.

The 6 Gilbert Road lot will be converted from Area 2 to Area 1 permit parking, which is a change that partially mitigates this year’s loss in Area 1 capacity along Oak Lane.

We appreciate your cooperation during this time of rapid change.


Parking Services

WRTD Bus Passes: Available at Parking Services

UConn students, faculty and staff please do not forget to pick-up your free WRTD bus passes from UConn Parking Services.

  •  New passes will be valid from January 1, 2017 to June 30, 2017
  •  Passes are usable on the Storrs-Willimantic Bus and the Willimantic City Bus routes
  • UConn IDs will be required at time of pick-up
  • Expired purple passes will no longer be valid after December 31, 2016

For more information, contact: Tanya Husick/Transportation at 860-486-4618

UConn Partners with Zipcar!

A sustainable and cost-effective alternative to car ownership
The world’s leading car sharing network, Zipcar, now offers a convenient transportation option at an affordable rate 24 hours a day, seven days a week for students, faculty, and staff ages 18 and older, as well as members of the local community over the age of 21. Zipcar will initially offer 10 vehicles at UConn including a Ford Focus and a Ford Escape. The Zipcars will have designated parking spots located in various locations including the Northwest Residence Halls, the Field House, Whitney Road, Towers Residence Halls and the Nathan Hale Inn for convenient pick-up and return. (more)

Storrs: Fairfield Way: Vehicular Access Restrictions

Effective immediately all University vehicles, vendors, and service providers may only access Fairfield Way from Glenbrook Road (map).  Bollards have been installed at the intersections of Fairfield Way and both Gulley Circle and Hillside Road prohibit entry and exits.  Vehicular access to the Fairfield pedestrian way from the east (Mansfield Road) and from the west (Hillside Road) is therefore no longer possible.  These changes are being made to enhance pedestrian safety in the core academic areas of campus.  Voluntary compliance with these University travel changes is anticipated and expected.  The prohibition of private vehicles traveling on the University’s pedestrian ways will continue to be strictly enforced.

Storrs: Calhoun Way Travel Restrictions: Men’s Soccer Games

Jim Calhoun Way will be closed to vehicle traffic, between Alumni Road and the entrance to I-Lot, during men’s soccer matches this fall (6PM – ~9PM/game’s end).

These partial road closures are needed to ensure the safety of soccer game patrons walking to the events and the general public traveling through the area.

Detour routes will be identified.  Access to I-Lot parking will be maintained.  Shuttle services to the I-Lot will continue throughout the matches.

The UConn men’s soccer home game schedule is available online for your reference.

Storrs: Oak Lane (West) – Closed to Parking – August 1

Parking on Oak Lane (west) will closed to parking on or about Monday, August 1, 2016.  [Oak Lane runs east to west and is located between Whitney Road and Gilbert Road.]  The closure of these twenty-seven parking space is associated with the demolition of several Faculty Row houses that are situated on the South Commons.  These same parking spaces will then remain unavailable throughout the construction of the Student Recreation Center, which is expected to open in January 2018.

Storrs: Dodd Lot Closes for Construction on Monday, August 1st. 

The Dodd parking lot will close for construction on Monday, August 1, and is expected to remain closed for three weeks (scheduled reopening on Monday, August 22nd.)  While the Dodd Lot is closed, vehicular traffic on Whitney Road will be one-way (westbound) from Mansfield Road, to the Whitney Road Extension, and on to Gilbert Road.  Service deliveries displaced from the Dodd Lot will be accommodated immediately across from the lot’s entry (on the south side of Whitney Road).  The lot closure is required to facilitate the installation of new infrastructure needed to support the University’s new Fit Rec Center.