Hartford Visitor Parking

Visitors who are parking at the Downtown Hartford Campus are able to park at the Convention Center Garage, Science Center Garage or the Front Street North Garage for the hourly rate.

University Event Coordinators of the host department will typically email information related to any special event parking arrangements to attendees in advance.

On the downtown Hartford campus, accessible parking accommodations are typically accommodated in the North Front Street Garage where handicap parking spaces are located on Levels 1 (3 spaces), Level 2 (2 spaces), Level 3 (two spaces), Level 4 (five spaces), and Level 6 (2 spaces).  The central elevator bay provides accessible access to Front Street on Level 2.  The handicap parking spaces on Level 1 also includes a van accessible parking stall and access to this level is accessible via elevator 24/7.  The doors from the Traveler’s Plaza that lead to the accessible parking stalls on Level 4 of the garage remain open until 10:00 PM; there are several steps and a door without a power assisted opener along this travel path.

Oversize Vehicle Parking

Those who plan to arrive on campus in a vehicle that exceed 8 feet in height or width, or 16 feet in length (with or without trailer) must arrange parking using the following Oversize Vehicle Parking Request Form.

Visitors who are attending the UConn Graduate Business Learning Center should contact the school at (860) 728-2400 for more information on parking.