State-owned / State-rented Vehicle Parking

The Department of Administrative Service’s General Letter No. 115  states, “In general, all state-owned and rental vehicles must be parked overnight at state-owned or leased facilities (page 10, April 2012).  State Agency employees wish to park their assigned State-owned/ State-rented vehicle on University of Connecticut property must complete the University online University Affiliate parking permit application form after reviewing the University’s General Parking Rules and Regulation.

When completing the online application, these vehicle operators should identify themselves as “University Affiliates” before selecting “State Agency Vehicle Overnight Authorization” from the employer drop-down options list.

Once the applicant’s State Agency employment and vehicle assignment is confirmed, the applicant will be issued a University Commuter Student hangtag parking permit at no charge.  Once received, that Commuter Student permit must be displayed in the applicant’s personal or State assigned vehicle when parked on University property.  Student Commuter parking permit expire annually on August 31.  Annual permit renewals are therefore required to continue the aforementioned parking privileges across parking permit years.