Impounded Scooters: Reclaim Process

When scooters are removed, they are placed in a secure Parking Services’ impound facility. Please follow these procedures to claim an impounded scooter:

Send an email to Parking Services and include the following information:

  • the last known date and location of the scooter
  • a description containing the make, model, primary color, identifying marks or equipment (i.e., decals, lights, racks, etc.)
  • permit number (if registered with UConn Parking Services)
  • your telephone number(s)

Parking Services staff will respond to your email to let you know if your scooter is in our impound inventory and, if so, schedule a time for its retrieval.

The owner will be asked to bring the following items to confirm their ownership of an impounded scooter:

  • One Card (or state-issued picture ID / passport, if not affiliated with the University).
  • Key or combination to the lock used to secure the scooter when it was impounded.