Day-Permits & Event Parking Requests


Departmental Day-Permits

Guests and visitors are frequently invited by University departments to attend smaller one-day activities, functions and meetings.  Parking services therefore makes One-day Parking Permits available for departmental purchase by Departmental Parking Coordinators (only).  One-day Parking Permits typically authorize Area 2 employee permit parking.  The preferred departmental payment method for One-day Parking Permit purchases using a KFS account.

Please familiarize yourself with the general parking permit regulatory information before requesting departmental One-Day parking permits.

Day-Permits may be requested using this request form.

Departmental Parking Coordinators should contact Parking Services to finalize One-day parking permit reservations at least:

  • three (3) business days before the date upon which <5 One-day Permits will used.
  • seven (7) business days before the date upon which 5 – 10 One-day Permits will be used.
  • ten (10+) business days before the date upon which 10+ One-day Permits will be used.

University Event Parking Requests

Parking Coordinators / University Event Planners (only) may request parking accommodations for their program attendees by submitting an online Event Parking Request Form.

University parking events are gatherings that require the simultaneous parking for four (4) or more event attendee vehicles.

Event planners (and departments) may choose to pre-pay their event parking fees using a KFS Account (or they may choose to be invoiced following an event).

Event attendees with prearranged / prepaid parking will receive an email similar to the following:

“You are invited to reserve parking for the Sample Gala at the University of Connecticut [Parking Services] on 08/31/2016 12:20 pm.  To reserve parking, please click on the following link: (…99805) and enter your vehicle license plate.Parking for this event is valid from 08/05/2016 12:20 pm to 08/31/2016 12:20 pm. Please note: Parking is available on S-Lot, South Campus.”

The attendees simply click on the link provided (above) and enter their vehicle registration to finalize their event parking arrangements; no physical parking permit is required.

  • Parking Coordinators / University Event Planners may alternately arrange for their event attendees to pay their own fees (typically $1/hour or $3/day on Regional Campuses | $6/day on the Storrs Campus).  These attendees will be directed to the PayByPhone website to finalize their arrangements.
  • Parking Coordinators / University Event Planners may also request day-parking for guests and visitors using the above-mentioned form.  Departmental Day-Permits are provided for the fees of $3/day on the Regional campuses and $6/day on the Storrs campus (see above).