Commuter Student: Carpool Permits & Program

Commuter students (only) are eligible to purchase carpool permits.

Carpool groups must consist of two to four members.

The Carpool Coordinator is the individual who applies for and purchases the Carpool permit.

  • While the price of a Carpool permit is often  paid equally by each member of the carpool-group, such arrangements are made privately and subsequent to purchase.  Parking Services is neither associated with nor responsible for such private arrangements.

One hangtag parking permit will be provided to each carpool-group.

Carpool permits:

  • are valid for use in any Commuter student parking location
  • may be transferred between members of a carpool group.
  • must be displayed within a carpool-group vehicle to authorize its parking.
  • are valid only when displayed on carpool-group vehicles (as identified on the Carpool permit application form).

Only one vehicle carpool-group vehicle may be parked on University property at a single time.

Parking Services must be immediately notified of any carpool-group vehicle registration changes to prevent ticketing.

Each carpool member is eligible to receive a maximum of two (2) complimentary day parking passes (“Ride Alone Permit”) per semester.  Each Ride Alone Permit authorizes parking only on Commuter student parking lots.

Please familiarize yourself with the general parking permit regulatory information before requesting your University parking permit and privileges.

Commuter Student Carpool Program: Enrollment Process

  • One person in the carpool group is designated as the Carpool Coordinator
    • The Carpool Coordinator must go to the Online Registration System and purchase a carpool permit
    • Be sure to select the type of permit with “Carpool” in the description.
  • After purchasing a carpool permit, go to the Carpool Registration Form
    • This form can be completed online and then either saved or printed out.
  • Submit the completed Carpool Registration Form by:
  • Parking Services will then issue a hanging Carpool permit within ten (10) business days of receipt of the Carpool Registration Form
  • An email will be sent to the Carpool Coordinator (applicant) to notify him/her when their permit request is fulfilled

The permit fulfillment period is typically brief but delays can occur during the months of August and September due to the high volume of University parking permits being issued during that period.

If you have any questions about these application processes or about the privileges associated with Carpool permits, please contact us by email sent to or by calling our Storrs office at 860-486-4930.