Parking Citation Appeals

Online Appeals

Parking citations (tickets) must be appealed within fourteen (14) calendar days of their issuance.

Written Appeals

Parking citations (tickets) must be appealed within fourteen (14) calendar days of their issuance.

  • Printable forms are available for download as a PDF Form or as a Microsoft Word Document
  • Completed forms may be submitted by:
    • email attachment sent to
    • U.S. Postal mail sent to Parking Services, 3 Discovery Drive, Storrs, CT 06269-6199.
  • A decision letter will be mailed to the address specified on the submitted appeal form within three weeks of its receipt by Parking Services.

Appellate Decisions

Appeals will either be “granted” or “denied.”

  • Granted Appeals: results in all associated fees associated with the appealed citation are eliminated, no fines are due; the matter is disposed and no additional action is required.
  • Denied Appeals: requires the payment of all fees associated with the appealed citation within 14 calendar days of the decision letter.
    • A late fee will be assessed when citation fees remain unpaid after 14 days from the letter’s date of issuance.
    • Unpaid citation fee balances will be posted to the Fee Bills of currently enrolled University students after 14 days from the letter’s issuance.
    • Verbal appeals of denied citation appeals  require the availability of new, documented, and confirm-able facts unavailable at the time the initial appellate decision was made.

The verbal appeal process can be initiated by phone.   Please be prepared to concisely present the new and confirm-able facts to support the appellate review when you call.  If sufficient grounds for verbal appeal are presented, an appointment with the Citations Hearing Officer will be scheduled.  The Hearing Officer will then call on scheduled date and time.  Verbal appeals may be done either in person (Storrs) or over the phone.  The Hearing Officer is authorized to assess and determine the final disposition of the appeal.  As with written appeals, the Hearing Officer will either Uphold or Deny the verbal appeal with identical consequences. The verbal appeal is the final decision.  To initiate the verbal citation appeals process, you may call 860-486-4930.