2021/22 Gated Parking: Key Cards Still Required

Physical parking permits are no longer required. Your permit parking permissions are now associated with your vehicle’s license plate.

Our parking enforcement officers will check vehicles’ permit permissions using License Plate Recognition technology. No physical permits are needed!

Key Cards, however, will still be required to enter gated facilities.

Double-check your vehicle registration number when you apply;
the accuracy of your license plate number will ensure you don’t get ticketed for not having a permit!

If you have…

an active 2020/21 permit, please apply for your new 2021/22 permit online.
• an active Key Card, its access permissions will be extended once you purchase your 2021/22 permit.

been away from campus and no longer have an active permit, you can apply for your new 2021/22 permit online.
• a Key Card, but not an active permit, your Key Card will be reactivated once your new permit is purchased.

• Key Card and an active permit, but your Key Card is not working; please contact Parking Service for its immediate no-charge replacement.

PRO TIP: Take a picture of your license plate before completing your application to be sure you enter it correctly.