Downtown Hartford Campus – Student Parking

Student parking for the Downtown Hartford campus will be available in the CT Convention Center Garage (400 spaces) and the CT Science Center Garage (100 spaces).  Permit parking access to the Convention Center and Science Center garages will be provided at a rate equivalent to the Regional Campus Commuter Student parking fee.  Parking within both downtown garages will be provided to UConn permit holders between the hours 6:00AM and 10:00PM.

Permit holders will access their assigned downtown parking facility using a Transponder decal.  Transponder decals will be physically ‘installed’ by LAZ Parking personnel in order to ensure that they are properly placed and remain in good working order.  Information related to the installation of these Transponder decals will be provided during the application process.

A $20/fee will be charge to replace any previously installed Transponder decal.  The $20 fees associated with the issuance and installation ‘replacement’ transponder decals are payable to LAZ Parking, not UConn Parking Services.

When Transponder decal holders drive a ‘replacement’ vehicle to campus (such as when their primary vehicle is being repaired), they should take a garage parking ‘ticket’ when entering their assigned facility and then bring that ticket with them to the LAZ Parking office located in that facility before exiting the garage; they will receive a 100% discount of their daily parking fee.

Downtown Hartford Commuter Student permits/transponder decals also authorize parking on all other Regional Campuses; they also authorize parking on lots “C” and “J” on the Storrs campus.

Downtown Hartford student permit/transponder decal holders who require access to Waterbury student parking (at the Scovill Garage) should inform Parking Services of that fact via emails sent to; a Scovill garage decal will be provided once the need for that second permit has been confirmed.

Downtown campus parking permits are sold by the semester.

The parking access provided by Transponder decals can be extended across semester periods; they do NOT need to be replaced each semester.

The Downtown Hartford Campus – Student Permit Application is now available.

The current Transponder Decal installation schedule for students permit holders is posted here.