Commuter Students: Permits – Rates, Types & Eligibility

Commuter Student Eligibility

All Commuter students are eligible to purchase available Commuter parking permits

Commuter student parking permit holders are authorized to park in locations posted for use by either the “Commuter” or “Any Paid” permit types.

Affix your decal parking permit to the inside lower right-hand passenger side of the front windshield using its full, self-adhesive face. Do not display the decal permit in any other way.  A parking decal must be properly displayed to be considered valid.  Affixing the decal using any other means, partially affixing the decal using only a portion of its face, or not affixing the decal to the windshield at all renders the permit invalid.

Obtain a Substitute Vehicle Permit  (request form) if your regular vehicle is unavailable and display it on the passenger-side dashboard of your vehicle.

Please familiarize yourself with the general parking permit regulatory information before requesting your University parking permit and privileges.

  • The parking permits and privileges authorized by Commuter permits and Garage key cards are non-transferable and cannot be delegated.
  • Any misuse of a University permit can result in the revocation of parking privileges.
  • Individuals operating a vehicle with a lost or stolen permit are subject to possible arrest, in addition to sanctions available through the courts and the student code of conduct.

Graduate and undergraduate students are considered “students” even when employed by the University and are therefore are not eligible to purchase Employee permit types.

Regional Commuter permit privileges authorize parking on…

  • Commuter Student permit lots on all Regional campuses
  • Storrs Campus lots associated with the lowest-priced Storrs campus Commuter student permit type (see table below for additional details).

⇒  You may complete the online purchase your selected student parking permit here.

⇒ Permit may be returned to Parking Services for a prorated refund (see: Permit Refund Table and the Permit Return & Refund Request Form)


Permit Type & Parking Location   Annual  Cost  Semester Cost Summer Cost   
   Authorization Valid Semester Periods  
Permit Type  Parking Locations fall, spring & summer spring  summer only  Students Eligible to Purchase
Commuter Student – Storrs Campus Lots:  A, B, C, F, I, L, Upper T, W, X, Y $244.00 $122.00 NC Any commuter student
Commuter StudentRegional Campuses Lots: Any Commuter Student lot Storrs: Lot C $122.00 $61.00 NC Any commuter student
Graduate & Teacher Assistants (GA/TA) Including Regionals Lots: Commuter or Resident.  NOT Valid for use in “Premium Resident” areas or at the Mansfield, Northwood, Hilltop, and Charter Oak Apartment Complexes $121.50 $60.75 NC Any graduate or teacher assistant(GA/TA).  Verification of assistantship is required. Note: This permit rate is 50% of commuter student permit rate and equal to the first-tier Area 2 employee permit rate.
Student Garage

Academic Year only

(Sept 1 – May 15)

Designated Garage Only

Prices include tax

$536.00 $268.00 NA Commuter students, including GA/TAs, issued on a first-come, first-served basis (active waiting list)
C-Lot  Only on C-Lot $122.00 $61.00 NC Any commuter student, or resident student with 54 or more credits; issued on a first-come, first-served basis.
W-Lot  Only on W-Lot $184.00 $92.00 NC Any commuter student or resident student, including GA/TAs, & resident students with 54 or more earned academic credits; issued on a first-come, first-served basis
Motorcycle North Garage & surface lots as posted $50.00 $25.00 NC  Any commuter students
Limited Academic Schedule

(1 day per week)

Lots:  C or W $45.00 $45.00 NC Any commuter student; 1 class/week schedule
Winter Session Any student lot $14.08 (Storrs)



NA NA Any student enrolled in Winter Session classes.
Summer – Storrs or Regional Campus  Any student lot NA NA NC Any student enrolled in summer classes or working on campus will need to register for a no charge permit